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Re: Puzzle with "cvs -n update -jLABEL"

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Puzzle with "cvs -n update -jLABEL"
Date: 9 Nov 2006 15:18:03 -0800
User-agent: G2/1.0

I have something new to add to yesterday's puzzle, that I can
reproduce it in a brand-new repository with only a single file.

HOWEVER, the reproduction occurs only with pserver access to the
repository; with local access, "cvs -n update -jLABEL" works just
as one would expect.

To reproduce this problem, execute the following script, with
alternate values for local access and pserver access.  (You'll have
to fill in your own username, hostname, and "cvsroot" value, and
you'll obviously need to have pserver access alive on your host.)

Feel free to remove the head, ls, and find command lines.  I had
them there to watch what was going on.

        setenv cvsroot /var/cvs [or whatever you're using locally]
            1:  setenv CVSROOT $cvsroot
            2:  setenv CVSROOT ":pserver:address@hidden:$cvsroot"
        rm -rf $cvsroot/exper HEAD BRANCH
        mkdir $cvsroot/exper
        cvs get -d HEAD exper
        cd HEAD
        head -999 CVS/*
        echo dddd > D
        cvs add D
        cvs commit -m "new D" D
        find $cvsroot/exper | xargs ls -dog
        cvs tag -b BRANCH
        cd ..
        cvs get -r BRANCH -d BRANCH exper
        cd BRANCH/
        ls -l
        head -999 CVS/*
        cd ../HEAD/
        cvs -n update -jBRANCH
        cd ../BRANCH/
        echo "dddd" >> D
        cvs commit -m "modified D" D
        find $cvsroot/exper | xargs ls -dog
        cd ../HEAD/
        cvs -n update -jBRANCH
        cvs -n update -rBRANCH
        cvs update -jBRANCH
        head -999 CVS/*
        head D
        cvs -n update

After I saved the output to some log files, did a "diff", and
removed all lines that merely recorded timestamp differences and the
output of running "head", all that was left was:

        prompt% diff LOG.01 LOG.02
        < prompt% setenv CVSROOT $cvsroot
        > prompt% setenv CVSROOT ":pserver:address@hidden:$cvsroot"
        > cvs update: D: No such file or directory

Now that I've managed to reproduce this problem in so simple a case,
how do I report it to someone who can investigate and fix it?

Howard Siegel

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