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Tagging on branches

From: CVS list
Subject: Tagging on branches
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 21:08:05 +0000
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I'm using CVS to control website development. The trunk is used for
development. When a site is ready to go live, I want to make a branch. The
branch is used for the live site, while further development continues on the

I'd appreciate some advice about branching and tagging. I understand the
theory of branching and merging, but I'm getting tangled up in the

Before creating a branch, I tag the trunk (as, say,
"dev_0-1-15_branch-root"). I then plan to create the branch with
# cvs rtag -r dev_0-1-15_branch-root -b www_1-0-1_branch

I'm expecting to have to make minor edits to the branch and want to tag
them. Can I use www_1-0-n_branch, incrementing n as appropriate?

And then to merge the branch into the trunk in due course do I use
# cvs update -j dev_0-1-15_branch-root -j www_1-0-m_branch
where m is the latest tag?

I'm open to any suggestions. The documentation is excellent on principles,
but some examples of real use would be a help.


Roddie Grant

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