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Repository branch (and tags) diagram?

From: Alan Dayley
Subject: Repository branch (and tags) diagram?
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 14:47:35 -0700

I want to point a tool at a module in the repository root and get back
a map or diagram or graphic of all the branch points and branch tags.
Something like you get from CvsGraph[1] but as applied to the
directory tree.

I understand that CVS applies version control to files, not
directories.  But this is why a different tool would be needed to
"concatinate" file branching into the context of the directories.  For
a very simplified example, given a repository:

 |     |--file1.c
 .     |--file2.c
 .     \--file3.c

And given revisions:

HEAD = 1.5
Branch1 =
Branch2 =

HEAD = 1.7
Branch2 =
Branch4 =

HEAD = 1.2
Branch3 =

I'd like a report that looks something like:

 |--Branch1 (date)
 |--Branch2 (date)
 |    \--Branch4 (date)
 |--Branch3 (date)

Does anyone know of such a tool?  (FS/OSS is much preferred.)

On the other hand, let me state the big picture.  I am trying to solve
the problem of tracking branches.  Our development team is relatively
small, we have fairly good communication and we strive to minimize the
number of active branches.  However, when we make a branch and then 3
months later need to understand why and where, I'd like to have an
easy way to point to the location of the branch within the context of
the overall project history.

What are the practices others in the group use to solve this issue, if
not a tool that uses the data and meta-data from the repository?



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