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Re: PHP/script-based CVS?

From: mehatespam1085
Subject: Re: PHP/script-based CVS?
Date: 15 Nov 2006 08:06:21 -0800
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Nice! Can you give me a reference where I can find out more about this?
I am more of a designer than a programmer / server guru.

Larry Jones wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> >
> > I have several sites on a shared hosting package, and I need a
> > Concurrent Versioning System for them. Since it's shared hosting, I
> > don't have root/cgi permissions to install software, so that counts out
> > just about every CVS I've researched.
> Hardly.  The only thing you need root for is to install CVS in pserver
> mode, which really isn't recommended anyway.  Either local mode or
> client/server mode using :ext: access doesn't require root at all.
> -Larry Jones
> Oh yeah?  You just wait! -- Calvin

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