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Re: PHP/script-based CVS?

From: mehatespam1085
Subject: Re: PHP/script-based CVS?
Date: 15 Nov 2006 10:10:27 -0800
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To make a long story short, my organization currently relies upon
Dreamweaver's check-in/check-out file-locking system to prevent our web
designers & developers from overwriting each other's changes to html,
php & cold fusion files. It's bulky, manual and requires us to be more
lending librarian than designer/developer. Plus, only one person can
work on a file at a time, it's proprietary and is quite

I want to find a way that will allow our people to work on files
without this cumbersome check-in/check-out locking system, I want to be
able to see a change history for a given file (who's changed it when),
and ideally I'd like it to be a decentralized solution that requires as
little effort on the designer/developer's part as possible -- I have
this idea that sharing files shouldn't be hard work.

Unfortunately, I can't find a solution, and I've tried. Thus I'm
posting (and praying) here.


Arthur Barrett wrote:
> > I have several sites on a shared hosting package,
> > Is there an open-source CVS that doesn't require me to install
> If you are trying to set up a CVS SERVER on a host that you do not have root 
> access to then the answer is NO.
> If you are trying to use CVS to deploy web sites to your web servers, then 
> use FTP/SFTP/SCP/RCP instead.
> If it's something else then please describe not what tool you are looking for 
> or what programming language you expect it to be written in - but what 
> exactly you expect it to do (and maybe why doing that is a good 
> thing/necessary thing).
> Regards,
> Arthur

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