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Re: Unable to do checkout from CVS into Eclipse

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Unable to do checkout from CVS into Eclipse
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 01:24:43 -0800

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ddog <address@hidden> writes:

> I realize this may be an Eclipse issue (they said it wasn't....) but
> perhaps someone here can help me with this.
> I'm trying to use CVS from within Eclipse 3.xx . When I attempt to
> check out files I get the following message:
> The server reported an error while performing the "cvs checkout"
> command.
>   : cvs server: warning: cannot write to history file
> /usr/local/cvs/CVSROOT/history: Permission denied

The above error message will arise if you have insufficent permissions
to modify the $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/history file with your CVS operations.
Exactly what gets written into the history file is controlled by the
'LogHistory=' setting in the CVSROOT/config for the repository.

>   : cvs server: failed to create lock directory for
> `/usr/local/cvs/kwcom' (/usr/local/cvs/kwcom/#cvs.lock): Permission
> denied

This would seem to indicate that your user has insufficient permissions
to create the needed lock directory under /usr/local/cvs/kwcom for the
user you are using.

>   : cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository
> `/usr/local/cvs/kwcom'
>   : cvs [server aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

This is the same problem as above, the incorrect permissions are likely
to be found on the directories which are throwing the error.

> However, I can do file comparisons from within Eclipse. I can also
> check out files via WinCVS using the same login credentials and
> connection path. The person who put the files into CVS says he didn't
> make them read-only. 

All ,v files in the repository should normally be read-only. It is the
permissions of the directories which own those files that needs to allow
the user or the group for the user access to do write operations on the

> The connection seems to be breaking within
> Eclipse. I'm a programmer and not an expert in these things and the
> SysAdmins have all left for the weekend. If anyone has had this problem
> I'd really appreciate the help!

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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