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Re: cvsignore

From: Roddie Grant
Subject: Re: cvsignore
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 19:49:18 +0000
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On 20/11/06 16:52, "Frederic Brehm" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Roddie Grant wrote:
>> 1. cvsignore only works on files, not directories, so for example I can't
>> use "/logs/" or even "/logs/*.*, but have to use "*.log" in
>> /logs/.cvsignore. Is that correct?
> You can put the "*.log" entry in the logs/.cvsignore file, but you can also
> put "logs" in the .cvsignore file of the directory containing the logs
> directory. Directories *can* be ignored. However, you cannot use .cvsignore to
> ignore files in subdirectories. You have to put the .cvsignore file in the
> subdirectory.

Thank you for that explanation, but I'm a bit uncertain about
subdirectories. Will CVS only ignore the specified directory? Given
"/site/logs/November/01.log" etc, and "logs" in /site/.cvsignore, will CVS
_not_ ignore 01.log because that file is in November/, not logs/.

Presumably it would ignore /site/logs/error.txt because that is in logs/.



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