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Adding Directories and Files

From: michael
Subject: Adding Directories and Files
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 09:50:08 -0500
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For reasons unknown to myself, I created a repository for just the
source files of a NetBeans project.  I would now like to go back and
add the remaining files, so that the entire project can be checked out
and in.  I actually have the original project folder, still.

I am unsure what is the best method to do this. Can someone help me
out?  Basically, all I have in the storage right now are the files that
are in /project/src/package.  I want to add directories such as
/project/nbproject and also the build files in /project.  And, of
course, I don't want to lose the history of the existing storage.

My predicament seems to be that these files and directories are above
the checked-in files in the tree.



Michael Powe            address@hidden          Naugatuck CT USA
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manually; the rules for pattern matching are too arcane, obscure, and
difficult to program. -- t. pascal, comp.mail.misc, "procmail to
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