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Re: can't remove a file

From: James. L
Subject: Re: can't remove a file
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:09:21 -0800 (PST)

thanks for the quick reply. however it still barf..
see below..

--- Larry Jones <address@hidden> wrote:

> James. L writes:
> > 
> > % cvs -q update
> > cvs update: conflict: removed `debug.log' was
> modified
> > by second party
> > C debug.log
> > 
> > now. how do i get rid of that file from cvs??
> The message indicates that you don't have the most
> recent revision of
> the file.  The way to fix that is:
>       cvs add debug.log       # get the file back

% cvs add debug.log
cvs add: cannot open debug.log: No such file or
cvs add: cannot stat debug.log: No such file or
cvs add: Failed to resurrect revision

the file is in cvsroot however...

% ls ~/cvsroot/project_ToRest/logs/

>       cvs up -A debug.log     # be sure it's up to date
>       cvs rm -f debug.log     # now remove it
> -Larry Jones


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