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Re: listing files in CVS server, without rls?

From: Armel Asselin
Subject: Re: listing files in CVS server, without rls?
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 21:24:58 +0100

>> i'm trying to list the files located inside a server (without getting 
>> them
>> at that time).
>> I found rls in CVS 1.12 (and it works fine for me where available) but in
>> 1.11 which seems to be still very wide spread (since it is the stable), 
>> rls
>> does not exist.
>> I tried checkout -n and export -n but it does not want to _just_ list the
>> files :-( and as such these command just print an error message and 
>> leave.
>The closest you can get with cvs 1.11.x is do to do this:
>    cvs -n rlog -R .
>which will give you the full path to the ,v file on your server. You
>would then need to trim the prefix to remove the common pathname root.

thank you very much, it should do the trick :-)

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