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Editing log file after commit

From: Regina Gastler
Subject: Editing log file after commit
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 16:33:29 -0600



I am running CVS version 1.11.22 (client/server).  My co-workers and I are testing a theoretical situation.  If one of our developers neglects to put in a comment before they commit, and they commit a file, is there a way to add a comment to that commit?  Or simply to edit a comment?  We are also using the perl script cvscl to generate Change Logs for our projects, so being able to update a comment would be helpful.  There was only one method I found that mentioned editing a log file, and that was to use the admin command [admin –m rev# : <message> <file name>] but I don’t know what file name to use.  We would like the updated message to appear in the Change Logs the next time we generate the file.


Thank you.




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