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Weird WinCVS issues...

From: AndreLTR
Subject: Weird WinCVS issues...
Date: 7 Dec 2006 15:48:02 -0800
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Hello everyone,

I began to have a weird problem with the following configuration:

WinCVS 2.0
Debian Linux CVS server
Local OS XP SP2

The problem is that whe I import a small folder, about 5 MB, everything
works but when I try to upload a larger folder, about 113 MB, it import
never ends even after many hours working.  There are no hd size or
quota problems in the server.  What could be this issue related with

The se4cond issue is how to set up WinCVS to recognize specific file
types whithout having to set up the fyles types, import filter, every
time I do an import?  It is very bothersome this action.

Thanks very much for any help.


André Luiz

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