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Re: Could not map memory to RCS archive

From: Garyl Erickson
Subject: Re: Could not map memory to RCS archive
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:43:09 -0800
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There seems to be some confusion here between process memory size limitations and disk file size limitations. 32-bit Intel processors can address 4 GB of memory (RAM), and, if I remember correctly, the O/S keeps half that for itself, hence the 2 GB limit for user processes. But the file systems running on those same processors support much bigger files than 2 GB (for example, see ext2,3,4 and ReiserFS at, so unless your entire file has to fit in real memory at one time, for some reason, you shouldn't have a problem using or creating it. Normally, the O/S streams the file in much smaller chunks when reading or writing it.


Laurent Duperval wrote:
Laurent Duperval wrote:
Well, I just tried it, by not setting the MMAP option and I am still
seeing this problem.

What else can I try? This is getting somewhat worrisome.


Ok, I found what the problem is.

The ,v file for the binary file is ~900MB. On Linux, there are a couple
of limits to how much memory a process can have and it looks like it
can't be more than 2GB (on a 32bit system, anyway).

I have reconfigure my system limits to allow users and processes to use
the whole 2GB, however this is only a stopgap measure. After a few
releases, I will once again run into this problem, because the file will
hit the 2GB mark.

What are my options at this point?



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