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CVS, replication, and triggers (oh my!)

From: Mark J
Subject: CVS, replication, and triggers (oh my!)
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 11:05:47 -0600

We have a replicated repository between MN and India.  We are using
WANdisco.  And, cocasionally, we are witness to the mysterious power
of the Broken Pipe Error (BPE) as caused by loginfo not reading all
the log text.

Since many companies are using replicated repositories, is there any
way to hack cvs to check 'hostname' prior to launching loginfo?

We have 
DEFAULT .... scripts/bugzilla-watcher ....
in loginfo, and in bugzilla-watcher, we check the hostname to ensure
that it only fires off at one node, else we get two comments in
Bugzilla for each properly commented commit.

The BPE only happens at the remote location in India.  So, if there is
a way to circumvent the loginfo trigger at that node based on
hostname, then we would likely never see that error again.

The easy way would be to remove the CVSROOT files from checkoutlist,
so they are not replicated and we could edit them on each node, but
that isn't BP so I'd like to think of another way.

I'd appreciate any thoughts.

-Mark J

(Derek - yeah, it's me at PLI :) )

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