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RE: Backup server in cvs

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Backup server in cvs
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 18:58:50 +1000


> I would like to create a backup server in cvs and also
> want that if anything happens the control will get
> tranefered to backup server.Any pointers will be of
> great help.

Do you mean a "hot" standby where the "failover" is automatic, or where the 
failover is manual.

A "hot" standby is rarely required since CVS is very reliable (and fairly 
simple).  To keep a "standby" use something like unison or rsync to keep a 
second server in sync.

CVSNT (free/GPL, unix/linux/windows/mac etc) starting at 2.5.04 has a "write 
through proxy" that facilitates a "hot" standby - the "caching" server acts as 
a proxy for write requests and can be configured to rsync or unison to the 
primary server at every commit.  If the primary server is available but you are 
performing a "read only" operation then it can use the proxy.  If the primary 
server goes down then the proxy can become the primary server.

But I want to stress - none of this is common and therefore none of it is 
really required - even for a large (>500 users) system.


Arthur Barrett

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