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RE: cvs locking or notification or reporting

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: cvs locking or notification or reporting
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 05:51:29 +1000


Whilst all the things you ask for are possible to do - I think you are
probably asking the wrong questions.   It seems like you want to know
how to implement a change management system with CVS so that "bug" fixes
in one release can be (optionally) copied to another release etc.

To implement this well you need things like change sets, merge tracking,
audit and defect tracking integration which are beyond the scope of what
can be answered in a simple e-mail.

I strongly suggest you get a good book on CM and a book on CVS.  I
recommend the one that I helped write - but other people would obviously
recommend the ones they've written...

> 1) Lock the main branch

rm *
cvs ci -m "nothing to see, move along"


OK there are lots of other (better) ways.  If you are using CVSNT
(GPL/free, yes it runs on linux) then use "cvs chacl" to set an ACL. If
you are using "nongnu cvs" then you'll need toe cvs_acls script from the
contrib directory

> 2) notify the modifiers of each branch that someone else is working on

> the the other branch?

This is not really needed - two developers can work on two branches
without any conflict occuring and you can still merge from one branch to

> 3) Periodically run a report / script to compare release branch / vs 
> main branch, and report on changes?

Use "cvs history" or on CVSNT use audit.



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