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RE: Modifying passwd file

From: Koziel, Ryan
Subject: RE: Modifying passwd file
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 13:54:34 -0500

I used htpasswd -n to output the user:passwd information and placed that
into the passwd file for CVS.



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Behalf Of Simon Renshaw
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 1:50 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: RE: Modifying passwd file



I tried that but the encrypted string in /etc/shadow is a lot longer
than what is in a passwd file in another repo.


It look like that in the other file:




I remember running a command that added the user to the file, but I
don't remember what I did.



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Sent: 5 avril, 2007 14:39
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Subject: Re: Modifying passwd file


Here's how I do it on my Sun box

1.      If necessary, reset the persons password 
2.      Look in the /etc/shadow file and find the  username  you are
working with 
3.      Copy the users encrypted password from /etc/shadow (this will be
all characters between the first and second colon) 
4.      Go into /opt/cvsroot/CVSROOT and copy the users info into this
file (or replace as necessary), in the following format
        <username>:<encrypted password copied from
5.      Save and exit 

Simon Renshaw wrote: 

I need to add users to a CVS passwd file.
How do I do that? I did it last year but now I don't remember what I
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