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RE: Hitting the error while commiting

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Hitting the error while commiting
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 22:16:29 +1000


> I am hitting this error while commiting 

Try a trace:

cvs -ttt commit -m "bz 4181" 

This output looks like a cut and paste from wincvs or tortoisecvs.  Note
that both of these use the cvsnt client by default not the cvs client.
There are separate newsgroups for wincvs, tortoisecvs and cvsnt - check
the web sites for details of how to post.  Do not post cvsnt,
tortoisecvs or wincvs questions here.

Note if you are using cvsnt you should preferably use cvsnt server
(free/gpl, unix/linux/mac/windows) and use the bugid feature:

cvs -ttt commit -B 4181 -m "meaningful comment" 

> I have seen that some where it was mentioned there was
> a bug in cvs. 

Where? What bug?

> Is there any workaround if I am not able to update cvs version?

>From what version - to what version?

> Any pointer's will be of great help.



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