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Re: Info about strange files in repository

From: stefano costa
Subject: Re: Info about strange files in repository
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:03:07 +0200
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Larry Jones ha scritto:
> stefano costa writes:
>> now my only doubt is related to file with names starting
>> with a comma like:
>> "clienti/E9/sw/,pippo.doc,"
> When CVS writes an RCS file, it creates the file with a name like that. 
> Once the file has been written successfully, it renames it to the
> regular name (pippo.doc,v).  That keeps other processes from seeing
> partially-written files and guarantees that the old version of the file
> is still available if something goes wrong creating the new version.

So I assume that I can safely delete ALL files beginning with a comma in
my repository (well after a good backup...) since I'm sure that the
server disaster happened while no user was accessing CVS, and the files
are for sure deleted files resumed during the data recovery process...

Stefano Costa,
M +39 335 6565749
Skype stefanocosta.bluewind

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