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re:Tool to download CVS repository via cvs commands?

From: Carl Chen
Subject: re:Tool to download CVS repository via cvs commands?
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 08:42:22 +0800

> Hi,
> Does anybody know of a tool to download a CVS repository (i.e., all of
> the *,v files with all history) using only cvs commands?  It could be
> useful for some cvs2svn users who can don't have a way to get a tarball
> of their CVS repository to use for the cvs2svn conversion.

In my experience, there is no such tool.

> Contrariwise, perhaps somebody can think of a reason why such a tool is
> not possible (for example, maybe it is not possible to get every last
> byte of repository information via cvs).

In my opinion, the duty of a developer focuses on code change. But CM
administrator focuses on code management. So this cvs2svn conversion should
be done by admin. And he/she can get the access privilege to get *,v through
other ways.
If I'm wrong, welcome to correct me!

> I found projects CVSGrab and cvsget, which allow a working copy to be
> updated via ViewCVS to circumvent a firewall, but that is a different
> problem.  We don't just need a snapshot of the repository, but all of
> the history.  And hopefully firewalls are not simultaneously causing
> problems!
> Thanks,
> Michael

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