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RE: Tool to download CVS repository via cvs commands?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Tool to download CVS repository via cvs commands?
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 07:33:24 +1000


> Does anybody know of a tool to download a CVS repository (i.e., all of
> the *,v files with all history) using only cvs commands?  

No - there is no such tool.  We did consider adding this feature to
CVSNT but decided against it.  There are access control issues to take
into account so only a CVSNT admin user could use this command and it is
reasonable to assume a CVSNT admin user has physical access to the
repository to copy it other ways.

> useful for some cvs2svn users who can don't have a way to get 
> a tarball of their CVS repository to use for the cvs2svn 
> conversion.

More people seem to be switching to CVSNT than to SVN so this is
definitely not of interest to us.  

CVSNT supports user-defined change sets, failsafe audit, mergepoints and
many more features that SVN have been listing on their roadmap (but
never in their release notes) since day 1, and these are the features
that assist productivity when writing software.  The next generation
EVSCM project (a direct upgrade from CVSNT) will be stable long before
SVN gets any of these features.


Arthur Barrett

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