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Re: Mystery - Missing file when updating. Second update gets it.

From: xmontero
Subject: Re: Mystery - Missing file when updating. Second update gets it.
Date: 10 May 2007 04:53:34 -0700
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> what does
> "cvs status" say about them?

In a clean checkout:

address@hidden:~/cvs/cvs$ cvs co dsi_visual_crm
address@hidden:~/cvs/cvs$ cd dsi_visual_crm/src
address@hidden:~/cvs/cvs/dsi_visual_crm/src$ cvs status do_edit_task.php
File: no file do_edit_task.php          Status: Needs Checkout

   Working revision:    No entry for do_edit_task.php
   Repository revision: 1.2     /cvsroot/sound-station/dsi_visual_crm/


CAUTION!!! The state says something about ATTIC!!! Let's suppose it is
dead: Why can then I do an update? And if it is dead, why cannot I add
it again?

address@hidden:~/cvs/cvs/dsi_visual_crm/src$ cvs update do_edit_task.php
U do_edit_task.php
address@hidden:~/cvs/cvs/dsi_visual_crm/src$ cvs add do_edit_task.php
cvs add: do_edit_task.php already exists, with version number 1.2

Any help in managing this from the CLI will be welcome.

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