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Permission Denied when checking out

From: Nick Wales
Subject: Permission Denied when checking out
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 14:47:56 +0100
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I'm most of the way to setting up a kerberos authenticated cvs implementation. Following online guides I have set
and created an empty passwd file in the CVSROOT folder.

Kerberos authentication works, both onto the box, and when requesting a ticket on the box.

I can checkout a project locally using
/cvs -d <username>@<host>:/var/cvs checkout <modulename>/

I'm stuck now with checking out a project using the gserver option:

cvs -d :gserver:<valid_kerberos_username>@<hostname>:/var/cvs checkout test

this is the response I get:
/cvs [checkout aborted]: recv() from server cvs: Connection reset by peer

/and in the /var/log/messages log I get the following:

/May 14 13:22:16 cvs xinetd[4287]: START: cvspserver pid=4695 from=
May 14 13:22:16 cvs xinetd[4695]: execv( /var/cvs ) failed: Permission denied (errno = 13) May 14 13:22:16 cvs xinetd[4287]: EXIT: cvspserver status=0 pid=4695 duration=0(sec)

I have temporarily set permissions on the CVSROOT and in the projects to allow anyone access to the files, but I still get this error... can anyone shed any light on my issue.

Many thanks


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