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Branching strategy question

From: Tim Velten
Subject: Branching strategy question
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 14:44:42 -0400


We do all development on branches.  The trunk represents the code that is currently in production.  All doc I read is based on development going on in the trunk, but I don't see how that can work when there are always 2 or 3 releases in progress at any one time.

Each branch is merged into the following branch on a regular basis.  

So for example, we have an April patch branch, a June branch, and an August branch in progress.  At certain points we merge April patch branch into June branch and June branch into August branch.  

When we create the October branch, it is created from the trunk and then August branch will be merged into October branch.  

So here is my question ...

When I create October branch I know that it should look exactly like August.  So if I created October branch from August branch instead of the trunk I would eliminate the August to October merge.  But then that implies that December branch would be created from October, etc ... and that does not seem right.  

So should I stick with the original strategy and always branch off of the trunk ?


Tim Velten
IBM Global Services
859 635 1785

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