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RE: Help: Protocol error: too many arguments

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Help: Protocol error: too many arguments
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 13:50:58 +1000


> ...which I invoke like this (from the top level folder)
> recurse_do cvs ci -m "my commit message"

Inventive workaround, but the problem just shouldn't be occurring -
millions use this software and I've never heard of this problem.  If it
occurs with both the CVSNT client and the CVS client then it's most
likely the server.  However before making that leap of logic, check that
choosing TortoiseCVS->About shows CVSNT as the client.  If not - upgrade
TortoiseCVS to the latest release (and find and remove that old version
of CVS from the PATH).

You can trace any operation using -ttt, eg: cvs -ttt ci -m ""

Hopefully the trace will give you some clues, if not you can set
CVS_CLIENT_LOG on the client to get a trace of the actual protocol
(google for the exact syntax).


Arthur Barrett

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