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Re: Help: Protocol error: too many arguments

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: Help: Protocol error: too many arguments
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 16:17:55 GMT

"Arthur Barrett" <address@hidden> wrote in message 

>> ...which I invoke like this (from the top level folder)
>> recurse_do cvs ci -m "my commit message"

>Inventive workaround, but the problem just shouldn't be occurring -
>millions use this software and I've never heard of this problem.  If it
>occurs with both the CVSNT client and the CVS client then it's most
>likely the server.  However before making that leap of logic, check that
>choosing TortoiseCVS->About shows CVSNT as the client.  If not - upgrade
>TortoiseCVS to the latest release (and find and remove that old version
>of CVS from the PATH).
>You can trace any operation using -ttt, eg: cvs -ttt ci -m ""
>Hopefully the trace will give you some clues, if not you can set
>CVS_CLIENT_LOG on the client to get a trace of the actual protocol
>(google for the exact syntax).


I agree, it should not be happening at all.  I have the latest stable 
release of CVS [version 1.11.22 as both client (Windows) and server 
(FreeBSD)], and I have the latest TortoiseCVS (version 1.8.31).  When I 
check the About box for TortoiseCVS, it says it is using CVSNT, but whether 
or not it is _actually_ using CVSNT, I have no idea.  Does it need to be in 
the path, or does Tortoise know how to retrieve it apart from the system 
path?  My non-CVSNT client is the one that is in my path.

I have been using CVS for about 12 years and managed my own server for 7, 
and this is the first time (that I can recall) that I have ever experienced 
this error.  It only happened when I tried to add and commit the Boost 
1.34.0 library.  Interestingly, I had added Boost 1.33.1 some time ago with 
no problem whatsoever.  I do not believe that I have updated the version of 
CVS (either client or server, since I always upgrade both together) since 
that time, so the fact that the error is occurring only now, and only with 
the Boost 1.34.0 library, is very strange indeed.

The only thing that was different this time was that I was attempting to 
perform my commit via my development machine over a Remote Desktop 
connection (because I was away from home at the time).  However, since my 
development machine has direct access to the CVS server on the local 
network, I doubt the problem is between the two machines.  I don't think the 
error is in the router or the switch (my external connection is only 2Mb, 
while the local connection is 100Mb), so I don't think collisions are the 
cause, especially since the error occurred in the same folder every time.

I am still stumped, but at the moment I am not particularly concerned. 
Unless it happens again, or (more importantly) unless my clients who also 
use the server start complaining, I am not going to worry about it.

- Dennis 

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