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RE: 'no such repository' received in cygwin...

From: ai26
Subject: RE: 'no such repository' received in cygwin...
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 23:20:51 +0200

In a message of Wed, 23 May 2007 10:19:08 -0600
Received on Wed, 23 May 2007 18:21:14 +0200

James Depaul <address@hidden> wrote to address@hidden
>Hi - 
>I just installed cygwin on my WindowsXP laptop and am trying to use to
>run CvS commands from it but am running into problems.  I've got CvS
>1.11.22 client/server version in cygwin shell.
>First of all, I have a successful connection to our remote CvS
>repository through Eclipse thorugh :pserver connection string - that's
>working just fine.  The connection string there is as follows:
>I've set the environment variable on my machine as follows:  HOME=C:\
>I was able to launch the cygwin window and issue the following commands 
>export CVSROOT
>echo $CVSROOT
>I was also able to login like this:
>cvs login
>I get prompted for password, I enter it and it seems to get accepted, and then 
>I get this message:
>': no such repository'
>From this point forward, every CVS command I enter ends up with this error 
>message - what to do?
>I should point out that my directory structure is as follows:
>So when I navigate to cygdrive/c/workspaces/client/cods/WebProj and type in 
>cvs cmd - I get this:
>   $ cvs diff
>   : no such repository 
>Please help me figure out how to do this in cygwin - I believe I'm close, but 
>still am missing some crucial setup step.

If I read this right you created the sandbox with eclipse.  If so you
probably run into a textmode/binmode issue.  Check if the files in
CVS/Root etc. have CRLF line endings.  Most likely they will.  If they
do change the mount mode of the respective directory to textmode.  See
mount --help for how to do that.  Suggestion: 

mount -f -t 'c:\workspaces' /workspaces
cd /workspaces
cvs ...

The Cygwin people don't like that but it is the only way to make cygwin
cvs work with eclipse and tortoisecvs (and cygwin in general with
windows tools).

Alternatively, check out the sandbox with cygwin cvs.  But then eclipse
will fail.


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