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RE: Memory error while committing...

From: James Depaul
Subject: RE: Memory error while committing...
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 09:34:27 -0600

We are using CVS 1.11.17 (client/server) on AIX 5.3
I spoke with the server admin and he tells me that the OS is in good shape in case of heap size - see below.  Do we need to specify some CVS admin parameters to increase the heap size that CVS is using on the system? 
Could someone comment please - we are still getting the same error while commiting:
cvs [commit aborted]: out of memory; can not reallocate 33894405 bytes
Here is the memory status on the box itself:
│          Physical  PageSpace |        pages/sec  In     Out | FileSystemCache             │
│% Used       96.7%      0.1%  | to Paging Space   0.0    0.0 | (numperm) 57.7%             │
│% Free        3.3%     99.9%  | to File System    0.0    0.0 | Process   20.2%             │
│MB Used    5940.5MB    15.8MB | Page Scans        0.0        | System    18.8%             │
│MB Free     203.5MB 12272.2MB | Page Cycles       0.0        | Free       3.3%             │
│Total(MB)  6144.0MB 12288.0MB | Page Steals       0.0        |           ------         
6gig real memory, 241 avail.  12gig swap, 12gig avail. 
Suggestions would be welcome.
thx -

Are you using CVS or CVSNT?  If you are using CVSNT (free/GPL just like CVS but with added features like audit and changesets) please contact the CVSNT newsgroup.
This is a very common problem if you are running CVSNT server on windows with large RCS files, it is a bug in the MS C runtime library, there are workarounds though.


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