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Need some help URGENTLY

From: Noronha, Sabina
Subject: Need some help URGENTLY
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 12:36:53 +0530

Please could you help me out with this issue.
We had our CVS repository installed on a Windows 2000 machine.
Everything was working fine and we had 22 people in our team who had
WinCVS client GUIs installed on their machine and they use to access
this Win 2000 server m/c.
We were then asked to upgrade all our machines to Windows XP.
So what we planned to do was :
1. Take a backup of the repository folder
2. Install the new OS i.e. Windows XP.
3. Reinstall WinCVS server.
4. Place the repository back on the m/c and set the CVSROOT.
However, when we try to log on from a client, it says 'No such
Hence all our team members are stuck and they cannot access the server
to check-in/check-out their files.
Please could you tell me what the correct procedure is.
Thanks & regards,
Sabina Noronha
Hewlett-Packard IPG Labs
Email: address@hidden

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