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Re: CVS with PAM/LDAP error

From: Denis Kot
Subject: Re: CVS with PAM/LDAP error
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 22:52:14 +0300

I have same issue. any help?
cvs version 1.12.12


I want to authenticate CVS (1.12.13 with ./configure --enable-pam)
using PAM/LDAP.

Is there any possibility to tell CVS to authenticate using PAM/LDAP
for login but use a single server side system user for work (like it
can be configured in CVSROOT/passwd).

at the moment cvs login works fine.
cvs checkout generates the following error:
Fatal error, aborting.
userid: no such system user

It seems that cvs login uses the pam module to authenticate using ldap
and afterwards quits (thats fine!)
But any other command tries to continue and calls getpwnam to get
local user settings.
I configured nsswitch.conf for LDAP. But in our company there are no
configured ldap posix accounts, therefore i think (based on tcpdump)
the getpwnam call fails. I think if i can tell CVS to make a
switch_to_user using a system user it should work.

Thanks for your help.
Denis Kot
ICQ: 13680126
Mobil: +375 29 6-1234-78

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