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cvs- init problem

From: Bob Chapman
Subject: cvs- init problem
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 23:05:21 -0500

Given that has been available since 11-Jul-2006 this 'problem' must 
be either (1) an artifact of my ignorance or (2) a well known 'feature' 
but --

Creating a new repository with 'init' results in a loop requesting a 

  $ ../utils/cvs- -d /cvsroot/newcvs/ init
  You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
  user: "....

Using Ctl-C to exit the loop leaves the terminal in a no echo state.

However, the repository IS created and is able to import, checkout, 
commit, etc. (The passphrase request works for import and commit).

If the "--no-sign" option is added for a "init" then an apparently 
usable repository is created without the "passphrase loop".

This behavior has been observed for cvs built from source on both 
CentOS 4.5 and Ubuntu 7.04.


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