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Re: cvs- init problem

From: Bob Chapman
Subject: Re: cvs- init problem
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 13:53:45 GMT

Mark -

 > I am going to assume you intended to speak about cvs ...

Yes, sorry -- never should post after bedtime. ;)

Thanks for your prompt and professional reply.  It is so clear and 
comprehensive that, in retrospect, it seems I should have realized 'init'' 
was signing the files in CVSROOT.

 > Please be advised that is not actually a formally released ...

Understood.  I downloaded it with that knowledge and have appreciated the 
opportunity to examine its new features.  Even though I asked what now seems 
a naive question, it helped me realize some of the issues associated with 
digital signing in a repository and gives me the opportunity to thank you 
and your teammates for all the effort you have devoted to the CVS project.


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