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automated rollback tag

From: Shawn Matlock
Subject: automated rollback tag
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 17:06:51 -0700

CVS version 1.11.17

I'm trying to work out a method to create a rollback tag.

        HEAD            1.1
      RC1               1.1
      RELEASE   1.1

        HEAD            1.2
        RC1             1.1
      RC2               1.2
      RELEASE   1.2
      RC3               1.4

      HEAD              1.1
      RC2               1.1
      RELEASE   1.1

        HEAD            1.1
      RC3               1.1

RELEASE is applied to all files currently released.
RC3 has not been released.

I want to create a rollback tag specifically for RC3 (RC3_rollback). It should 
be applied to the same revision as RELEASE only for the RC3 files that exist in 

My solution is to create a Perl script:
        1. check out the RC3 tag
        2. *individually* update each file to RELEASE <-- slow/painful
        3. tag all the working copy with RC3_rollback

Is there a better solution to this? 

Shawn Matlock


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