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Re: Problem with cvsignore and pserver

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Problem with cvsignore and pserver
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 02:06:07 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: tin/1.6.2-20030910 ("Pabbay") (UNIX) (NetBSD/3.1_RC3 (i386))

"Sevy, Jonathan (Jon)" <address@hidden> wrote:

> We're using cvs via pserver to maintain a repository with source which
> contains several directories named "core". I'm trying to import without
> these being ignored, [ ... ]

In such cases I just do a "cvs import -I!".  In fact, I just do a
normal import but if I notice files being ignored, I repeat the
import command with the "-I!" option.  More precisely,

    cvs import -mblabla dir VENDOR tagname 2> ../err | tee ../out
    less ../err
    less ../out

and if I see "I" annotations in the 'out' file,

    cvs import -I! <rest of command exactly as before>

The double-import doesnt hurt, the files that have already
been imported are recognized as unchanged and do not create
a new repository version.  The files that had been ignored
on the first attempt get pulled in, with the same tags
as the first batch.

pa at panix dot com

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