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CVS on ubuntu linux

From: MATI
Subject: CVS on ubuntu linux
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 16:26:08 +0200

Hi Colleagues,

At the beginning I have to say that I have tried to look for the answers for 
my question in google - but nothing.
>From the beginning:
I use Ubuntu linux 7.04.
I have downloaded and installed cvs by command:
sudo apt-get install cvs.
After that I wrote a statement:
cvs -d /home/mati/Desktop/cvsrepo init    meaning the repository was 

After that I have set variable CVSROOT:

All folders belonging to cvsrepo have 777 rights.

And now when I am trying to login:
cvs login
After this attempt I have an error:
cvs [login aborted]: connect to serwerek( failed: Connection 

What am I donig wrong? Or I didn't do something at all?
How to configure and run this CVS?
When it is done I will be connecting from WIn XP onto this ubuntu server.

Thanks for help,

this is very crucial for me already.


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