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Re: How to auto increment tags?

From: hoomi
Subject: Re: How to auto increment tags?
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:30:34 -0700 (PDT)

Todd Denniston wrote:
> hoomi wrote, On 08/08/2007 03:29 AM:
>> Arthur Barrett wrote:
>>>> If anyone knows how to auto increment the tag value, 
>>>> without writing the the tag name or with writing 
>>>> partial tag name, it would be very helpful.
>>> If you explain in business process or CM process terms what you are
>>> trying
>>> to achieve (what result, what deliverables, eg: I need to report on what
>>> files were changed in which release) then the tecnical folks here can
>>> tell
>>> you the best combination of technical features (and maybe even which
>>> command) can be used to accomplish that.
>>> Regards,
>>> Arthur Barrett
>> Thanks for your reply!
>> There are few guys which are accessing the same code.
>> Currently, there is one guy that in charge of setting release number
>> using
>> the "cvs tag" command.
>> I would like to change this to an option in which any of the team who
>> which
>> finish his task in the release, can do the cvs tag command without
>> knowing
>> what was the last tag number. The tag value will be auto incremented,
>> unless
>> it will be hard coded and set and new value to increment from.
>> Example for my wishful thinking :) :
>> setting new base tag: cvs tag -r "rel_0_1"
>> auto increment: cvs tag (without flag or with other flag)  will result
>> with
>> rel_0_2
>> Thanks!!!
> Been doing that for a long time now.
> But you have to keep the records somewhere, it could be queried back out
> of 
> CVS, but that is long, painful and prone to some possible errors, so I
> think 
> it is better to keep a database (flat text file) of tags used.
> Attached is a variation on the script I use, it has NOT been tested in
> this 
> configuration, it may very well eat/destroy your repository, use with
> care, 
> don't feed after midnight,
> and of course there are no warranties that it is safe, correct or even
> useful.
> BTW Larry, Derek & Mark, I minimally marked it for GPL release, you may
> expand 
> that mark to be correct for release with CVS and put in the contrib
> directory 
> if you want.
> -- 
> Todd Denniston
> Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
> Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

Thank you very much for this, I will try it!

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