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Re: Question about convenient and automated committing

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: Question about convenient and automated committing
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:40:02 +0400
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Hans Schwaebli <address@hidden> writes:

[Please, don't top-post!]

> Sorry, but this answer does not help me at all. I now try to ask a
> very direct question, so that it is maybe easier to understand it and
> to reply to exactly this:
>   1. I want to commint ANY changes inside a folder (yes, they do exist
> in the IT world since very long times), which means subfolders, files
> and so on. Any changes means any modifications, including deletions of
> files and folders inside this folder. Now I am looking for a CVS
> command which conveniently commits all the changes inside that
> folder. CVS does not know anything of folders? Nevertheless I ask for
> a solution how to commit every change in this folder, any change in
> all files and subfolders. Does it work with CVS, yes or no, and if
> yes, how?

1. Don't remove directories (folders, subfolders) from your working

2. After you removed all the regular files you need to remove, issue

   $ cvs remove

   from top-level directory of the working tree.

3. Commit changes as usual.

4. Empty directories will disappear automatically after you update your
   working tree using -P switch in cvs update:

   $ cvs update -P

   You can also add -P switch to your .cvsrc file so that you don't need
   to specify it on the command-line.

-- Sergei.

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