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Re: Question about convenient and automated committing

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: Question about convenient and automated committing
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 18:38:31 +0400
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Hans Schwaebli <address@hidden> writes:
> Am I misunderstanding you or are you misunderstanding me?
>   Please try to get out of your CVS implementation thinking and open
>   your mind to this: There is a directory with subdirectories and
>   files which has been previously checked in. Now imagine some random
>   changes afterwards in this directory like:
> - subdirectories have been added

Adding files in CVS is yet another story, so for simplicity let's avoid
mixing different issues.

> - some subdirectories have been deleted, which have been previously
>   checked in

This was a mistake. You should not delete subdirectories, -- just delete
all the regular files in them. [BTW, you have no way to check in
directories with CVS, so your "previously checked in" above makes no

If you do delete (sub)directory, CVS thinks you just don't like to see
it in this particular working tree (it is sometimes useful indeed). It
won't recognize deleted (sub)directories as a change. That's how things
are with CVS.

-- Sergei.

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