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Re: checking out a module with files from other modules

From: eranlevi
Subject: Re: checking out a module with files from other modules
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 00:28:53 -0700 (PDT)

Yes but when I'll open a GUI module browser, I'll see test in the list of
modules and not dir1.
BTW, I've tried your suggestion and when I open the module browser I see
something like that:
     - test

Is there a way to avoid this aliases entry?


Mark E. Hamilton wrote:
> eranlevi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This will be a problem for me. I'm moving Pvcs to Cvs and the developers
>> will not like the fact that they have new modules names. Is there any
>> workaround to solve that?
> Well, you could rename of the top-level directories in the repository, 
> and then put the original names (ie, what the users want to check out) 
> into the modules file, and use the -d option to rename them on checkout. 
> Suppose you renamed the top-level directory 'dir1' to 'dir1.d', and 
> defined your modules like this:
> dir1 -d dir1 dir1.d
> dir2 -d dir2 dir2.d
> test1  -d dir1/another1_dir  dir2/other1_dir  file1  file2...
> test2  -d dir1/another2_dir  dir2/other2_dir  file3  file4...
> test -a dir1 test1  test2
> Then
> cvs checkout dir1
> would do what your users would expect, and
> cvs checkout test
> would check out the dir1 and dir2 sources into dir1 like you want.
> -- 
> ----------------
> Mark E. Hamilton
> Orion International Technologies, Inc.
> Sandia National Laboratory, NM.
> 505-844-7666

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