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re-creating patch branch

From: Tim Velten
Subject: re-creating patch branch
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:47:33 -0400


We recently had a production release that was developed on a branch we'll call "aug07_branch".   After the release was successfully deployed the aug07_branch was merged into the trunk.  The trunk was then tagged "trunk_aug07_postrelease"  Then a patch branch named "aug07_patch_branch" was created based on the tag "trunk_aug07_postrelease".  So far so good.

Then it was discovered that some files from the merge were messed up.  So the files were fixed and committed to the trunk.  The trunk was then tagged again with tag "trunk_aug07_postrelease_2".  

So the question is - how do we get the patch branch updated with the new changes to the trunk ?

I think I can just recreate the patch branch using the new tag "trunk_aug07_postrelease_2" and the -F and -B options.  Can anyone confirm this ?  It was not obvious from the documentation.

Would it be better to merge the changes between the 2 trunk tags into the branch ?


Tim Velten
IBM Global Services

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