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RE: creating policy

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: creating policy
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 23:13:36 +1000

>   thanx for the reply. But I am curious how so many 
> projects are handled using CVS. I am sure every 
> project development team must be implementing
> the sort of policy we are looking to implement. 

Yes and no.  CVS does a couple of things very well and that is it's core 
strength, and I believe it is a conscious decision NOT to do things that our 
outside of that scope (its related to the old unix "do one thing well" 
philosophy).  If it is possible to "extend" that with a script then that is 
added to the contribs directory, where you will find cvs_acls (or something 
like that) which will help you restrict permissions, eg: read only or read and 

Other (related) projects like CVSNT (free/GPL, runs on unix/linux/windows/mac 
just like CVS) have a wider aim than just SCM so have a lot more "inbuilt" 
functions including ACLs (see "cvs chacl"), audit, merge tracking, changesets 
etc etc.

I've personally never seen a SCM tool that has permissions per command, they 
are always per read/write/tag/control etc.  In theory you could write a trigger 
or a script in the CVSNT Server Precommand trigger since the "command" is 
passed to that trigger:

However I don't think there would be much security difference between setting 
these users as "read only" versus "export only".


Arthur Barrett

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