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Re: Is there any way to add a new directory between already existing dir

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Is there any way to add a new directory between already existing directory structure IN CVS.
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 11:12:25 -0700

On Sep 17, 2007, at 8:22 AM, Dennis Jones wrote:

<address@hidden> wrote in message
Is there any way to add a new directory between already existing
directory structure IN CVS .
Like I have directory structure "MyRepository/ConfigFile/origional"
etc. Now i want to add one more directory between "ConfigFile and
origional " say newDir so that my new directory structure should be
"MyRepository/ConfigFile/newDir/origional "

CVS does not perform revision control on directories, so if you have direct access to the repository files on the server, then you can do that by simply moving the directores around. However, be aware that any change you make will affect everyone who already has "MyRepository/ConfigFile/origional"
checked out, who will very likely have to check out
"MyRepository/ConfigFile" from scratch after you make the change. Also note that the history information for files in the "origional" folder (and its descendants) will have no record of the change. Finally, if you have any scripts, build tools, or anything that depends on the existing directory structure, you will be unable to go back and use earlier revisions. So, in other words, be very careful, and only do it if none of these cautions I've mentioned will be an issue (such as a brand new repository for example).

As an alternative, you could just add "NewDir/origional", and then add the contents of the "ConfigFile/origional" folder to "NewDir/origional" folder, and then remove the contents of the original "origional" folder. That would preserve the history, and would allow you to check out an earlier revision
if you ever needed it.

Does that help?

- Dennis

There are also tricks that you can play with the modules database to remap repository directories to their counterparts in the users' workspaces. However, because only the latest version of the modules database is ever used, you must version such modules by way of naming conventions and keep all of the mappings currently in use in the latest version.

Also, this method doesn't scale. The clutter, both in the database and in the repository, becomes unmanageable after a very few such mappings are added. However, it works when such reorganizations are very rare, they have wide impact, and the normal fracturing of version history just won't do.

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