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Re: CVS commit fails when I give path along with file name

From: Sundeep
Subject: Re: CVS commit fails when I give path along with file name
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:23:25 -0000
User-agent: G2/1.0

Found the cause of the problem and the solution.
Problem was that CVS/Root directory had :local: before the CVSROOT
path (i.e., :local:/proddemo)
Removed the :local: and it works fine now.

Forgot to mention earlier that, I am creating the branch, using cvs
tag. So there was no flaw in my steps (I guess)

To Summarize:

1. Checked out module (I used cvs -d :local:/proddemo <module>)
2. Modified file
3. Removed :local: from all the CVS/Root files (just to avoid getting
confused later with same msg)
4. did the commit

Step 3 is what I added to my prev. steps

It would be helpful for me if anyone could explain as how this :local:
was effecting the commit on the branch.


On Sep 19, 11:35 am, Sundeep <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Sep 19, 11:27 am, Sundeep <address@hidden> wrote:
> > When I am trying to commit the file giving the filename with path it
> > fails. When I move to the directory where the file exist and give
> > commit with only file name, it happens.
> > %cvs commit  -r test_7919_1 -m 'hi' mywork/ad/web/html/hello.html
> > cvs [commit aborted]: no such tag test_7919_1
> > % cd mywork/ad/web/html/
> > %cvs commit -r test_7919_1 -m 'hi' hello.html
> > Checking in hello.html;
> > /m/isd/data/cvsroot/ad/web/html/hello.html,v  <--  hello.html
> > new revision:; previous revision: 10.1
> > done
> > my CVSROOT is /m/isd/data/cvsroot
> > I checked out the module ad/web/html from CVSROOT to ~/jdevhome/
> > test_7919_1/mywork
> > Could anyone help me with is. I need the functionality of committing a
> > file from parent directories, giving the path.
> Added to that... once the branch is created, the commit command which
> has file path works fine
> as below:
> % cvs commit -r test_7919_1 -m 'hi' mywork/ad/web/html/hello.html
> Checking in mywork/ad/web/html/hello.html;
> /m/isd/data/cvsroot/ad/web/html/hello.html,v  <--  hello.html
> new revision:; previous revision:
> done

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