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Moving files between a repositories projects

From: Blair, Don (TS)
Subject: Moving files between a repositories projects
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 06:17:11 -0500

I want to create 3 projects within my repository that are used as follows:  development, integration&test, release.  I want to keep these as separate entities because in the end result, the release will have fewer directories than the development.

The question is: How do I move code from my development project to the I&T project.  I've done an export and tried to copy the code to the I&T  project but that doesn't seem to work. I get a "locally modified" status in Cervisia but when I try to commit it won't change it.

I'm trying to keep the history and tags for each project in tact.  My thought was that by copying a newer version into the sandbox, it would treat it as changes to the files and allow the commit. But it doesn't.  In fact it states that is was updated and then the next status says that it is locally modified.

Any suggestions?  Has anyone else established a series of projects in which code is promoted?

Thanks, Don

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