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Re: identifying user at commit time

From: jackspam79
Subject: Re: identifying user at commit time
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 00:08:33 -0700
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On 25 Set, 22:01, Todd Denniston <address@hidden>
> As you use CVSNT you might get answers, we don't know about, by using their
> mailing lists:
> newsgroup:
> or
> news://

I thougth it was a general CVS related question, not specific of the
system in use (the communication protocol and sytax seemed to me to be
the same...), so I hoped to find answer here, too. Anyway I will try
also there! :-)

> > Questions:
> > - is it possible to specify an user name (and password) at commit
> > time, regardless of the username that has been used to checkout the
> > module?
> Sort of.
> You did not specify your connection method

pserver for the moment, just becouse I had some problem configuring
ssh access on the windows server...

>nor if you could have more than one
> user on the server

yes, I can configure as amany users I want... and I dont'n need
hundreds! :-)

> so I assume any connection method can be used and you can
> put users on the server.


> 1) If you can use ssh access, the user name on the server does not have to
> match the user on the client end, setup ssh(putty)/cvs to make it's
> connections with user name set to the appropriate value.
> 2) Although pserver has security issues (read the list for details if you want
> them), I believe it can be setup with "virtual" cvs users, i.e., user names
> cvs knows about instead of the system.  I am not sure but I suspect it will
> use those user names in the logs instead of the generic user it is running
> under. I  don't know if pserver will work with a windows (CVSNT) server.
> > - do you know any client that could be configured to ask for this at
> > each committ operation? or should each users learn command-line usage
> > of cvs?
> NO.
> > - in case the solution I proposed is not feasible, do you have any
> > suggestion/workaround/trick to track who made some change to a file
> > even if it has been done on a common machine under a common account?
> I think you should be able to setup individual user accounts on the server and
> connect using ssh, in this way the users can specify their user name and be
> required to prove it with the correct authentication data (password or key).

If I correctly understood, you are telling me that:
- yes, I can perform commit operations with an user name different
from that used to check-out the module (so a can change username for
each commit operation)
- I should be able to do that by command line simply specifyng the
username at commit time. Implementation details depend on connection
- you don't know any "graphical" client that can be configured to ask
for an user name at each commit operation


Thanks again


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