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Re: "No space left on device"?

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: "No space left on device"?
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 22:18:12 GMT

"Larry Jones" <address@hidden> wrote in message 
> Dennis Jones writes:
>> What does this error from CVS mean?:
>> unable to write, file
>> No space left on device
> Most likely, it means that you're out of disk space for the server's
> temp directory.

Well, the volume that has my /tmp folder on  it (where the cvs-servXXXXX 
files go) has about 225MB free.  I don't know if that is enough or not.  I 
was attempting to update a rather large directory tree and maybe that was 
just too much for it (I had no idea CVS needed that must temp space to do an 
update).  I just did a test update on a small tree and watched the tmp 
folder.  The size of the cvs-servXXXXX file reached a maximum of about 
7MB -- a long way from the 225MB available.  Then I did another test on a 
larger folder and watched it reach around 31MB.  So I guess if I were 
updating from the root level folder, it is possible that it could reach 
225MB.  I guess I should see if I can allocate more space for the tmp 

> And please note that it's somewhat antisocial to ask for help on a
> mailing list without using a vaild return address.

Yes, I supposed that is true; but spammers love mailing lists, and I hate 
spam.  Besides, many (most?) people don't *want* direct responses via email 
anyway -- they'd just as soon prefer a response via the list.  I was, in 
fact, on the CVS mailing list at one time, but it constantly over-crowded my 
inbox to the point where I spent an inordinate amount of time sifting 
through emails I didn't care about (most people find their time too valuable 
for that).  Consequently, I decided a long time ago to switch to the 
newsgroup and use a bogus address to avoid spam.  I don't mean to offend 
anyone, but being perceived as "somewhat antisocial" is much less important 
to me than avoiding unnecessary spam and over-crowding my inbox.  And since 
I can still read, answer questions, and get answers to my questions, in the 
newsgroup as well as I could in the mailing list, I find the newsgroup much 
more convenient and much less irritating.

- Dennis 

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