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Problem in CVS merge

From: edalquinn
Subject: Problem in CVS merge
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 04:07:36 -0700
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I have some problem in CVS merge.
I have a file "a.c" which has the graph as below,

1.1-----> (branch_01)

My local repository is updated with version 1.2.
I try doing a merge with the following command,

cvs update -j branch_01 a.c
cvs commit -m "Included branch_01"

The new 1.3 version file is same as the branch(, the changes
in 1.2 are lost.

>From documents I found the expected behavior is, the difference
between and 1.1
should get merged with 1.2 and we get a file with newer version.

Please guide me on how it works.


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