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Re: Strange permissions of files in cvs repository

From: Eric Meijer
Subject: Re: Strange permissions of files in cvs repository
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 19:03:32 +0200
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Larry Jones wrote:
Eric Meijer writes:
I have a cvs repository (version 1.12.13) on my debian linux box, since quite a while. At some point, files got strange permissions. Certain source files (C++ .cc and .h files) have executable bits or sticky bits set, while others don't:
Do those permissions mean anything to the repository?

Only sort-of: CVS sets the execute bits on a newly-created repository
file from the working file and copies the execute bits from the
repository file to the working file on checkout.

Can I just do

find . -type f -exec chmod 444 \{\} \;

on the repository and be done with it?

As long as you don't have any files in the repository that really should
be marked executable, that's fine.

There were a few, but they are all in the scripts directory.
It appeared to work, I changed the directory permissions to 755.


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