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RE: restrict commits of single file

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: restrict commits of single file
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 11:19:36 +1000


>> committable. So I tried to put into the commitavail file
>> Is this a part of cvsacls or is it some other patch, I've seen 
>> the odd reference to it but I'm not sure.  I usually use CVSNT 
>> on linux which has inbuilt ACLs but this appears to be something 
>> else...

> No, it's neither CVSNT nor cvsacl, it's the "standard" CVS version 
> 1.12.13 running on on Red Hat 7.

Well it's not a part of any 1.12 documentation on or ximbiot
(BTW the ximbiot server seems to have a bit of a config error at the

A quick google search shows it's not mentioned on ximbiot at all, one of
the few places it shows up is the cvsnt newsgroup (why?  I've no idea)
and the cern web site:

I'm pretty certain this is a non-standard extension, I'd try and find
out whose it is and contact them for support, or even better - convince
your server admins to switch to standard CVS or CVSNT on redhat so you
can upgrade more easily...


Arthur Barrett

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