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Re: Delete a tag from a revision

From: Stuart Cooper
Subject: Re: Delete a tag from a revision
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 09:30:27 +1000

Disco Octopus is one of the coolest names I've come across.
I've got great images in my head of an Octopus dancing around
underwater to some disco music. If you have any pictures of
Octopuses doing disco things, please email me them off-list.

There was a great Adam West/Burt Ward Batman episode once
where a team of school basketballers were playing another
team of basketballers who turned out to be robots. It was
Gotham City High versus Disco Tech.

Careful not to get too addicted to deleting tags or moving tags.
Remember tags are cheap, you can have a zillion of them on a file
for little cost. In your circumstances, I'd be tempted to
newly tag your project with V0310 (if that's the next tag
up from V0309) and go with V0310 as your latest and greatest
tagged release.

Best regards,

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